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In the mail…

I got a package from my friend Malena in Australia! What in the world could it be?

It’s the issue of Harper’s Bazaar featuring love-of-my-life Kelsey from Australia’s Next Top Model!

A big thank you to Malena for enabling my obsession love.

Little Mermaid Part 2

We went with an “Underwater” theme. Shark, Ariel and Deepsy Diver.

Little Mermaid Part 1

Business Card

I’m going to New York city during fashion week. I’m very excited about that.

When I was in Paris during fashion week everyone would give me their card or ask if I had a card I could give them. So this time I want to have a card ready, you know, for social climbing purposes.

I also noticed that people’s job titles tended to be somewhat aspirational. If you want to be a stylist, you put stylist on your card. Now the question is: What is my job title?

Do I go for something funny? Something technical-sounding which will convince girls that I’m smart? Something accurate?

Some options I’m considering:

Computer Scientist
Electronic Engineer
Hair Model

I haven’t even thought about the graphic design yet. Any tips?

Hair modelling is weird

Hair modelling is weird from Luke Marvin on Vimeo.

Here’s how they turned out. Freshair Salon – Ginger Photoshoot

Oh boy.  If you can’t get enough there’s even more pictures here.

Icelandic Dreamgirl, Gimli, Sentimentality

Not pictured: Me making an uncharacteristic embarrassment of myself at the fire at the end of the video. There was vomit.

You (May or May Not) Belong with me

A little while back I wrote a song for a girl. I was going to release it as part of an EP entitled “Embarrassing Songs I Wrote for Girls”, but that probably won’t be happening right away so I thought I’d just release it now on its own.

The song is meant to be funny and sorta romantic I guess. I sampled the beginning of Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” (that’s where the hilarious song title comes from) and messed it up a little bit. I thought the results sounded kind of like a Magnetic Fields song, so I tried to channel Stephen Merrit while I was writing the lyrics. I threw in the Bon Iver bit at the end because I needed an excuse to use auto-tune. It is so much fun to play with.  It was really hard for me not to auto-tune the whole song.

Who is this girl? In the song I refer to her as “Internet Dream Girl” so she’s a girl I know mostly from the Internet. Let’s just leave it at that for now.

Did the song work? I suppose it served its purpose. See, this nice young lady doesn’t live in Winnipeg so I didn’t really have a shot anyways.  I just wanted to… I guess let her know. She probably already knew, but now I know that she knows.

The song is a bit sappy but I’m a sappy guy. I hope you enjoy it.

You (may or may not) Belong With Me

Improv Everywhere – Redhead Protest

I’ve Given Up

I’ve Given Up from Luke Marvin on Vimeo.

Transitive Property

So I am in a picture with this lady…

Which pretty much means I sat one chair away from Michael Kors. Two from Heidi.

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